The Wubbulous World of Dr. Seuss is a show produced by The Jim Henson Company focusing on characters from the Dr. Seuss books translated into puppet characters. The cast of characters featured Seuss' well-known characters, specifically The Cat in the Hat, who was the host of the show, Horton, and on occasion, the Grinch. New characters and storylines were often added but primarily remained similar to the books.

All of the puppets were made by the Muppet Workshop and was filmed in front of a blue screen, with whimsical CGI backgrounds by Silicon Graphics added later.

The series aired on Nickelodeon, specifically on the UK and US since 2003. (Yet, this show also aired only on Sundays on Nickelodeon.) Since then, it has rerunned on former California PBS affiliate KCET and its two seasons have been available for streaming on Netflix.